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Bei MHS Reitsport finden Sie alles, was Sie für die Pflege der Hufe, Decken, Mähne oder des Mantels Ihres Pferdes benötigen. Vom Glanzspray zum Fleckenspray und vom Huföl zum Lederfett. MHS Reitsport hat es!

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  1. Absorbine Showsheen Finishing Mist
    Absorbine Showsheen Finishing Mist
    16,95 €
  2. Absorbine Stain Remover & Whitener
    Absorbine Stain Remover & Whitener
    13,95 €
  3. Absorbine Supershine Huföl
    Absorbine Supershine Huföl
    20,50 €
    35,95 €
    15,95 €
  6. Anti-Burst Showsheen Absorbine3.785 ltr
    Anti-Burst Showsheen Absorbine3.785 ltr
    64,95 €
  7. BALLISTOL Animal Öl
    BALLISTOL Animal Öl
    22,95 €
  8. Betadine Pumpe
    Betadine Pumpe
    2,80 €
  9. CDM Gallop Shampoo
    CDM Gallop Shampoo
    11,95 €
  10. CDM Gallop Stain Removing Shampoo
    CDM Gallop Stain Removing Shampoo
    13,95 €
  11. Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine
    Cowboy Magic Detangler & Shine
    70,95 €
  12. Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover
    Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover
    12,45 €
  13. Cowboy Magic Rosenwasser Shampoo
    Cowboy Magic Rosenwasser Shampoo
    12,45 €
  14. Cowboy Magic Rosenwater Spülung
    Cowboy Magic Rosenwater Spülung
    11,95 €
  15. EQUIPUR®-chevaloxin
    17,95 €
  16. Equistar® Fellglanz-, Schweif- und Mähnenspray
    Equistar® Fellglanz-, Schweif- und Mähnenspray
    15,95 €
  17. EQUISTEP® Huföl mit Pinselverschluss
    EQUISTEP® Huföl mit Pinselverschluss
    19,95 €
  18. Fell Glanz BR 1000ml Spray
    Fell Glanz BR 1000ml Spray
    17,95 €
  19. FOXFIRE Fellglanz
    FOXFIRE Fellglanz
    11,50 €
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Artikel 1-20 von 275

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For easily guiding your mini horse or Shetland pony you will need a halter and lead that irritates neither you or your horse. That goes for usage at home as well as at a show or inspection. A calm horse will perform better always.
Our large selection features halters and lines to suit every occasion and various taste.

Stall halters

If you are looking for a halter made from cotton or nylon for your mini horse of Shetland pony, please look at our stall halters. Theses are cheeful, colorful halters that are user friendly and designed for general use around the stable, pasture or paddock. 

Show halters

In the category of show halters you will find the most stylish halters in black or brown leather. There are many different decorations available, each more luxurious than the other. These are halters that are used at shows and inspections. Let your mini horse or Shetland pony look even more elegant with these show halters. 

Our halters are:

  •  Suitable for shows and inspections.
  • Excellent for use in pasture and stable/box.
  • Available in different materials: nylon, leather or steel cable encased in plastic.
  • Available in different versions with and without embellishment: rhinestones, country style, etc.

Additionally you will find well-known brands, such as HH, SD, Premiere, QHP, Hamilton, Showtime Tack, Tough-1 and our own brand, the MHS range. You will find your right size halter in our size chart.

Advantages of our halters:

  • They are the right size and fit.
  • They are of excellent quality.
  • They are user-friendly.
  • We have an unique brand of halters of our own, with parts that are easily adjusted, exchanged and sold separately.
  • They are available only at the Mini Horse Shop.


Our range of leads is thus constructed you will always find what you are looking for, whether it is either for usage at home, for training or show/inspection. It is easy to match the line of the show halter for a beautiful presentation of your mini horse. Though you can also choose for comfort and convenience, without the fear for damage or filth. You can also find training facilities for your mini horse: lunging leads, lunging girth and other accessories.

Show leads

These are leather show leads, chin straps and other accessories that compliment all show halters. With some leads you may have a choose between a gold coloured or a silver coloured clasp, carabiner, hook or snap. 

For further information we refer to the size charts and product information.